Aptera – You Can’t Bury What Still Burns – LP


Aptera – You Can’t Bury What Still Burns – LP

PreOrder, This title will be Released In September. Stock expected mid September.
PreOrder, este titulo será lanzado en Septiembre. Stock esperado mediados Septiembre.


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Aptera – You Can’t Bury What Still Burns – LP

In Greek mythology, APTERA was the site of the battle between the Sirens and the Muses, where the Sirens lost their wings and were cast into the sea. But this Germany-based 4-piece is less a contest and more of a raucous party. Aptera swirls forth in a sonic tornado of classic metal, doom, psych, thrash and punk. With members hailing from Italy, Belgium, the US and Brazil, they heeded the call and converged in Berlin, joining their global heavy sensibilities in a cacophony of lashing riffs and propulsive rhythms. Weaving together contemporary and mythological tales of rebellion, revenge, and rising from the ashes, Aptera’s “You Can’t Bury What Still Burns” is a guttural cry, a battle call, a resurrection on wings of fire.


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