FULANNO – Nadie Está A Salvo Del Mal – (reissue 2022) LP


FULANNO – Nadie Está A Salvo Del Mal – (reissue 2022) LP – PreOrder

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FULANNO – Nadie Está A Salvo Del Mal – (reissue 2022) LP – PreOrder


Hailing from Argentina, FULANNO formed in 2010 and soon became a cult fixture on the stoner doom scene with their debut album, Hash Negro en las Misas Funebres, following its super-limited CD-R release in 2016. While HELTER SKELTER would later release a worldwide edition, even in its original super-limited guise, FULANNO’s debut stoked all those seeking strictly within-the-boundaries STONER DOOM.

Of course, what did FULANNO do to follow it up? Release another album just as within the boundaries: 2018’s Velas Negras, which saw the band garner even more of a cult name. And then, like clockwork, two years later came another album within those same boundaries but arguably more sulfurous: Nadie está a salvo del mal. The record would go through a number of pressings from a number of labels upon its original release in 2020, but now HELTER SKELTER arrives again to spread these sonic drugs where they need to go. No more but definitely no less, Nadie está a salvo del mal weaves a similarly intoxicating spell as its two not-inconsiderable predecessor, but it’s still stoner doom not for the faint of heart – nor for genre tourists. This is the Real Stuff, doled at 666% strength, and it’s fucking stultifying.

Following the album’s original release, FULANNO would firmly cement their name in the scene, no longer a “great secret” known only to the faithful. Get stuck in that cement again – or, likely, for the first time – with this worldwide edition of Nadie está a salvo del mal!

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