MEPHISTOFELES – Violent Theatre – Cassette


MEPHISTOFELES – Violent Theatre – Cassette

PreOrder – Expected Release 27 January 2023. Stock Expected First week February

PreOrder – Lanzamiento estimado el  27 de Enero 2023. Stock para la primera semana de Febrero.



MEPHISTOFELES – Violent Theatre – Cassette – PreOrder


-Pro-printed tapes

-Extensive j-card

-Limited to 200 copies

One of the cultest names in the underground, MEPHISTOFELES hail from Argentina and have prolifically perfected a literally addicting blend of garage rock, stoner doom, and ritual atmosphere that truly puts the SATANIC in Satanic panic! From 2013 onward, this power-trio have been pumping out one sonic drug after another, from singles and demos to EPs and even live albums, all culminating in three full-lengths to date.

And just last year, longtime fans HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS made a blood pact with the band to reissue parts of MEPHISTOFELES’ back catalog – among them, the albums I’m Heroin (2017) and Satan Sex Ceremonies (2019) – as well as release their new recordings. Of those new recordings, the EP Path of Black from early 2021 certainly showed that MEPHISTOFELES hadn’t lost any of their drugged-out power in the meantime. Now, the power-trio return with a fucking HARD-rocking new full-length: Violent Theatre.

Immediately, this is MEPHISTOFELES at their druggiest best – you can practically hear the sizzle of something brown cooking on its grooves – and thankfully, they’ve kept their doom locked in the garage. However, whereas so much of the band’s not-inconsiderable back catalog is cloaked in darkness, Violent Theatre is not so much sunnier as it is just devilishly fun (just look at that cover!); whether that means “darkness” is left to the bloodshot eyes of the beholder. Still, MEPHISTOFELES continue to maximize the ROCK aspect of their sound over the doom here, with their swagger truly something to behold as those solos just soar downward into the abyss and the rhythm section push and pull right behind. If anything, Violent Theatre is a sterling example of true ensemble playing.

MEPHISTOFELES are nothing if not dependable, but just check out the 14-minute epic “Communion of the Vile” for the band really GOING FOR IT.No other words needed: MEPHISTOFELES are cult for a reason, and Violent Theatre simply proves it further.



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