Poobah – Let Me In – (White) 2LP


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Poobah – Let Me In – (White) 2LP

Re-issue of Poobah’s classic 1972 proto-metal epic. LP release will include 10 previously unreleased bonus cuts, sleek and sexy white vinyl, and a double gatefold jacket! Includes download code.

“A Goldmine Pick! The reissue of “Let Me In” is one of my picks of the year!” — Goldmine Magazine

“An unmissable slice of newly-refurbished rock history. Poobah were extraordinarily sharp and effective as a unit, peeling off semi-improvised jams that crackled with vitality and a healthy dose of mischief. With Shades of everything from Grand Funk and Hendrix through to early Alice Cooper and Bolin-era Purple, Poobah clearly ahd the rock’n’roll stff in spades. This reclaimed curio gleams like a diamond.” — Classic Rock Magazine Jan 2011

“You could go broke and mad trying to locate – and endure – every “great lost album” cherished by fanboys from the homegrown-pressing underground of the late Sixties and Seventies. The 1972 debut by the Ohio trio Poobah is one of the few that was – and still is, as hard Seventies boogie goes – great. The many extra tracks are a nice bonus but no major improvement on the original half-dozen: a blowout of English-power-trio and Rust Belt blues, with guitarist Jim Gustafson riffing in a thick-fuzz lather that will remind you, fondly, of Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark Farner and the British ace Tony McPhee of the Groundhogs. The cover – a crude-ink drawing of a hippie barfing into a toilet – is very much of its time.” — David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

“Reissue of the Year!” – The Metal Minute

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