SAGE – Say Goodbye! – (transparent blue) LP


SAGE – Say Goodbye! – (transparent blue) LP

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SAGE – Say Goodbye! – (transparent blue) LP

Sage is a Doom metal band originally formed in Halmstad, Sweden in 2011. After a year of playing together the trio took a break from Sage and started working on other projects like “Sabel” among several other less known bands. In the summer of 2017 Sage reformed and rehearsed intensely for what would later in the summer be known as the album “Say Goodbye!”.

Sage is a conceptual band about the story of a magical and mysterious man roaming the earth on his comet, seeing what he believes must be done and then performing miracles. As his first miracle, the Sage freed the slaves of Egypt. Since then, he has now turned his attention to the rupture of our natural environment, seeing what must be done. Say Goodbye to what you once knew.

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